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Looking for a colony of 5's – a theory about humanity

Posted on Thursday, December 3, 2009 in Theories

My doctor told me about the “1-5 scale for people.”  Basically, everyone in our society can be sorted out into a number between 1-5.

1’s are people who do minimal work and only think about sex, getting drunk, or drugs.  They don’t really think about the big picture and have no interest in politics.

2’s are people who depend on the system to survive but don’t contribute anything back to it.  They only care for the system as much as they can take from it.

3’s are people who are your average person who’s mainly looking out for their self interest.  They might be Republican or Democrat but overall, they are pretty moderate.  They vote and participate in the system but aren’t actively involved in trying to change things.  The system works for them for the most part or if it doesn’t, they don’t care enough to do anything about it.  “This is the way things have always been.” can be heard coming from the mouth of a 3.

4’s are people who are involved in the community more than your average person.  They might be involved in city activities, gives to charities, and/or run a business.  They might be Republicans or Democrat or something else entirely! Sometimes, they don’t fit neatly in the box provided and sometimes think out the box but if they see the system providing them a door – they’ll walk through it instead of fighting it.

5’s are people who try to walk through a wall.  They are the dreamers, the visionaries, and the people who try to change the system.  Unlike 4’s, they’ll fight against the injustices of the world and won’t take a door if offered to be met halfway.  It’s all or nothing with these folks.  Sometimes, a 4 might help a 5 by giving them a saw to help them through the door but for the most part, 4’s have better things to do then help out a 5.  5’s are often tormented as they are trying to get the 1’s, 2’s, 3’s, and 4’s up to their level to shake things up.  There have been some awesome 5 leaders in the history of mankind.

My doctor told me I’m a “5” and I keep trying to walk through the wall to bring about change in the world.  That I need to realize that most people are 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s and are very selfish.  That a 4 might listen to me but that’s about it.

I realized a awhile ago, that there’s a lot of people in this world but not a lot of people who do things.  Most people are like silhouettes against a blank screen.  Just living life passively and not actively taking part in the process.  A lot of people just following the flock, keeping in line, upholding the status quo and whatever is “normal”.  This world could be such an amazing place if people cared a little to make a community really make earth our home rather than just a place we exist.

I wish people would “get it” and let peace and love reign supreme.  But, until then, I’ll keep on trucking.  I organized a few shows in the past as fundraisers for charities to try to build community but my community didn’t come through.  It crushed my little idealistic heart but that’s the way people are.  Instead of getting discourage and giving up, I’m trying to work things different.  I got a couple of solo projects I’m working on and we’ll see how things pan out.

I really hope there’s more 4’s and 5’s in the world than 3’s.  If you’re a 5, drop me a note.  Maybe we can change the world together. 🙂

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  1. Mac says:

    Idealists unite!

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