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Copenhagen was a bust.

Posted on Saturday, December 19, 2009 in Theories

Okay, so I try to ignore the news. Rather, I try not to pay attention to what I can’t do much about to change. I like to act locally and think globally. But some things I can’t really ignore. Like the current state of our world and the impending doom of the human race. It bothers me. There’s a plaque at the Natural History Museum in New York City on the ground right before the room with the giant big blue whale. It has a list of the different extinction periods and their probable cause. It reads that we are currently in the middle of the 6th mass extinction that our planet has seen – all caused by humans. It’s because of the world myth we believe: Man rules the Earth. That this beautiful planet is being turned into a cesspool.

I am in the middle of reading Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. So far, it’s been a really good book. It’s laying out the facts as things are which people are in denial of hearing. Like last night, I read about how increase in food supply leads to increase in population. I know this isn’t a huge revelation – but we keep sending food aid to countries. By sending food aid, they reproduce, and create more mouths to feed. The end result is a never ending cycle of producing more food, to feed the new hungry mouths, while there’s an increase destruction of our planet. The end result if things keep going this way is that we’ll destroy ourselves. We’ll homogenize the planet to only be human food and what feeds it and the diversity of life will be eliminated but we’ll never keep up with the demands. I don’t know what to do about this. False aid to create more hungry and poverty is not the way to go. We should focus on sending birth control and work on population control to keep the cycle from repeating.

Another human myth is that humans are except from the forces of nature. We too, are vulnerable to famine, which it’s a fake famine to begin with because we produce enough food for everyone to eat. It is all economics. We need to dismantle the whole oppressive system we have in place in order to feed the people of the world. It should be about people, not cash. We need to revamp our entire economy so it won’t crash if we give people bread. We should feed the people we have and let food be a right – not a privilege and focus on population control. We can put an end to this with birth control and reforming our economy.

Right now, with the way we are heading and how many species are becoming extinct – we are heading for our own extinction because we are defying a fundamental laws of nature – who humans like to believe doesn’t apply to them but it does. The laws are: The world was not made for any one species. The world needs competition and diversity to survive. It was not meant to be homogenized. Take what you need but leave the rest for the other species. Man has decided that everything is his and when we act like lord and master of the planet – look at the destruction it caused. We need to change how we relate to the world in order for our own survival.

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  1. “False aid to create more hungry and poverty is not the way to go.” Totally agree with you. The best way to ‘control population’ is to genuinely assist the people in poor countries to become ‘rich’ too. When people have little hope, little-to-no aspirational opportunity, and little to do except tend the pigs/cattle and breed, we should not be shocked or judgmental about the inevitable result. Especially when it is predominantly “our” corrupt institutions that keep them that way (think UN, World Bank, and worst of all, the IMF).

    OTOH, when people are given genuine opportunities and aspiration, breeding rates fall dramatically as people strive to better themselves when given the chance.

  2. antiwasp says:

    I think we’re too late to end hunger. The world is too globalized and interconnected. Can you imagine the effects of trying to phase out the dollar, or of declaring all farms under “world management” to ensure proper usage of food stuffs? The second and third order effects would vibrate throughout the world. But then again, if all the world’s farms were of world property no one would starve because of the effects. We’d have to work out the details like:
    1. How much farm land will each country contribute?
    2. How much farm land do we need to feed everyone?
    3. Who pays the farmers of each country since the food probably wouldn’t be sold, just put into global circulation?
    4. What are the consequences if a country does not meet its food quota?
    5. Who grows what/when?
    This has my Commie mouth watering. All the planning is a logistician’s heaven. How does anyone think the world will get better if we don’t pay particular attention to the management of it? Let’s do this thing.

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