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Posted on Thursday, December 31, 2009 in Education

Consent is something I think should be common sense but is often very misunderstood. Consent is getting permission before being involved with another person; this could be sexual or physical.

Consent is very important to have so that another person doesn’t feel like they were violated. Just because you’ve been in a relationship forever, you can’t assume consent. I always ask permission before touching another person. It gives them a chance to say, “No.” or “Yes.” The “Yes” should be positive not a “Yes, Maybe.” or “Umm… Sure.” It needs to be definite. I never want to violate a person’s space, so but an active listener to their response and don’t only read into it what you want. Drunken consent is not consent because the person is not of sound mind. Sometimes to practice good consent, you might have have awkward conversations about the topic if you aren’t quite comfortable talking about it yet. Find out what the person you are in a relationship with likes. Find out what they don’t like. Also, express what you like and don’t like. Setting boundaries is also important for a healthy relationship. Respect the other person – it’s a privilege to be with them – not a right. It’s also important to get proper consent for each stage ie. if you want to go from a kiss to making out – ask. It’s never okay to not consult the other person before getting in their space. For more information about consent – I found a good zine about it here.

Practicing good consent helps create a safe space for you and those you are involved with. It let’s the person know you respect and won’t violate them.

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