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Cat Wars: The Saga Begins +

Posted on Tuesday, May 25, 2010 in Oddities

Things have been pretty calm. I went to a punk show this weekend and met a fellow anarcho-punk. We’re rare. So that was nice. Things have been pretty mellow. I thought I sold my punk vest – but things came up that made the sale not go through. So, if anyone is interested in a uber denim punk vest – riot grrrl style – check it out here.

The only thing of note is that we have a visiting feline in the house: Uni Cat. She’s a kitten that’s less than a year old and can’t quite meow yet. This is not going well with our older cat, Tick Tock, who’s about 17 human years old. Tick Tock usually keeps to the upstairs and Uni has free reign of the downstairs. They don’t really interact with each other except for eating each other’s food. If Uni happens to cross Tick Tock’s path she’ll hiss at her but overall, there isn’t much trouble.

Not much else is going on. Just mostly waiting for things to sell so I’ll have the money to buy the jewelry I want to sell. Business has been slow but maybe it’d pick up in a few days when people get paid. I have some music I need to listen to and review that I haven’t done yet and my pile of books isn’t getting any smaller. I am hoping to finish reading some and do some reviews.

Oh, yesterday my friend told me about the website when we were talking about tattoos. Some of the tattoos are just bizarre. Lucky for me, my tattoos are awesome so I don’t have to worry about ending up on that site. Haha.

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