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Metta Lyrics 5: World’s End

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2011 in Lyrics

World’s End

In the farthest corner of the Earth, I reside. Lost in ideology – tightly held – diy or die. Feeling alienated by my allies and so-called friends who are no more than wolf in sheep clothes – parroting rhetoric and getting tattooed while their minds remain unmarked. They dress like me, they go to shows, but the revolution in the soul is no go. Making the alternative a mirror of mainstream society and heteronormalitivity. Where is there a place for a queer like me in this patriarchal symphony? How homoerotric your moshing is, how hard you get in the pit, don’t think I don’t notice it. On the fringes I stay – just out of the scene domain – for mediocrity is lame and assimilating to the culture is not why I came. I came for me. I came for a chance of life. Music keeps me from being dead in this corporate world where everything can be bought and sold. I have taken a stance of resistance and I will not trade my freedom for gold. I came to see that if one of the parrots is more than what they seem – that maybe within them is a spark to move beyond the scene. Maybe together we could create something beyond this bridge to nowhere. I have traveled to the world’s end and have seen the living become the dead if only they could learn to breathe again, what then?

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