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London’s Burning and Why it Shouldn’t Be

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2011 in Current Events

I know I haven’t updated in ages. I’ve been really busy with personal matters. However, I think it’s important to make a comment about what some people are doing in the name of anarchy which is the exact opposite of what anarchy is.

I am an anarcha-feminist (anarchist with a feminist slant) as well as a pacifist. According to my understanding of anarchy meaning “without law” is almost an utopia state of human affairs were no one would harm another sentient being because they are fully conscious, compassionate human being. With that said, violence done is never anarchy as it breaks universal law of doing no harm.

Violence doesn’t change the system because it doesn’t change the people. People are the system – you and me. To change the system, there needs to be education since no one is born knowing how to be human. It’s something we are taught from mimicking others and watching.

With that said, what does it say about our society that people are so ill educated that they resort to violence since they can’t articulate words? It’s a very sad state of affairs. I think we should not place blame – as we’re all at fault – but rather work together to change how we educate our youth and members of our community so they will display their rage in a peaceful matter that people might actually listen to instead of making scenarios that people run from when even their actions no longer speak of the original intent.

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