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Mar 17

Personal Ad and Relationships

Posted on Thursday, March 17, 2011 in Personal ads

I have come to realize
that what matters most is the heart and the mind
everything else is superficial and fake.

I’ve known this for sometime – but I was always hoping that maybe I would find my ying to my yang someplace I would likely be. It hasn’t been the case but I know they exist. I won’t stop looking.

I am also realizing more what I need from personal relationships more than what is wanted.

The punk, vegan, straightedge, etc., thing is cool but what’s really needed is the heart/mind thing. Someone who genuinely cares, those are the true people. People with a heart and who care are hard to find. I am lucky I’ve found so many so far.

I hope to find someone someday with a heart that I can give my heart too that meets my needs and maybe a few wants. 😉 But, seriously, mohawk is optional.