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Mar 24

Metta Lyrics 13: Walking Through Walls

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2011 in Lyrics

Walking Through Walls

Systems within systems. Where is the escape?
From the very beginning, you are taught
how they want you to be in their schools
with their agendas to make you subordinated and not think.
Question everything. Don’t buy into their programming.
Celebrity sex and anorexic models will not set you free.
Materialism leaves you empty and just wanting more things.
The secret is to live simply so others can simply live.
Society thrives on violence – don’t give in. Have peace be your highest value.
Don’t eat their lies. Don’t buy their shit. Learn to make your own.
We are all prisoners to the system but you needn’t be a slave.
You can change the rules and make your own game.
You needn’t play theirs. There are alternatives out there
you just need to find the one that works for you.

Mar 18

Metta Lyrics 12: Velocity Zero

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2011 in Lyrics

This is a darker piece.

Velocity Zero

I thought of calling as I lay dying to say my final farewell to a scepter of my past, a final hurrah to us: mere
ships passing in the night. I thought about it, I thought of you, in this moment of death of the one who gave me life. A twist of irony, perhaps, to think of life in death and death and life but I had a fleeting thought of you and saying good bye. This isn’t how I wanted to end: fading slowly as my insides turned out. I would have rather gone in a blaze of glory. But here, I find myself sitting in a wheelchair, vomiting. Trying to retain dignity as I convulse, my emotion gets the better of me and tears form in my eyes. I began to cry. Why? I do not really know. Maybe the idea of a life half lived or the thought of having to endure so much to only fall to mortal weakness. My hands and feet go numb, as my body tries to welcome the darkness, I fight mind against body to regain conscious. I succeed. No blackness for me. No farewell for you and I would have left without regret.

Mar 16

Metta Lyrics 11: The Journey

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in Lyrics

The Journey

Have I gone too far?
Or not far enough?
I refuse to defer.
I refuse to give up.
It is said
There are only two mistakes
two mistakes a person can made
on the journey for the truth
not starting and not going all the way.
I started. I take a few steps forward.
I take a few steps back.
Sometimes I go forward while going backwards.
I have no map.
My compass is my heart
The path seems never ending.
I follow no path but my own.

Mar 15

Metta Lyrics 10: Kill Your Ideals

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in Lyrics

Kill Your Ideals

I found my ideal
my ideal found me
it wasn’t what I
expected it to be

I searched for years and now this is what I see.
Sometimes what you want isn’t what you need.
Happiness comes when you learn to want what you get
and doesn’t come just because you got what you wanted.

Feb 22

Metta lyrics: Day 1 and 2

Posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 in Lyrics

I’ve been writing lyrics for awhile now and I figured I’d share some lyrics with you. Enjoy! Right now I am working on getting a cover of a Rudimentary Peni song down on my guitar – once it sounds decent enough, I’ll post a recording.

Title: Shifting the Gears.

i am the manifestation of the human spirit unbroken and unconquered by the oppressive machine of society. I fell through the gears – I broke the mold – and now I am a wrench tossed in those gears that molded me. I turn my back on the machine and aim to destroy my maker without destroying myself. I am the revolution – in mind, body, and soul. I do not drown my sorrows in substance as my edge is ever sharp. I breathe to overcome all obstacles that obstruct equality and freedom. Breathe in conflict – breathe out resolution. My mind has been carved from within. I took off the blindfolds that covered my eyes, the plugs that deafen my ears, and the binding the bounded my body. I feel, see, hear, think, am what others ignore, can’t or chose not to see. I am not alone. There are many of us. When we come together the world will shake as we burn as one. It will begin the end of the generations of masters and slaves.

Title: The Center can Hold

i don’t have much
but i have my ideals
so at least that’s something.
i have my core.
so at least that’s something.
i have bands that have came and gone
that share my philosophies.
we may not be winning but
i am never alone even when i stand alone.
so that’s something….
that’s something….