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May 14

Meaning of “Not Gay as in Happy – But Queer as in F*ck You”

Posted on Friday, May 14, 2010 in queer

For me, the saying is a stand against assimilation and being a socially acceptable gay. It’s about not being an Ellen or a Rachel Maddow that heterosexuals feel safe letting into their homes on their television set. It is about being who you are without regard for needing society’s acceptance.

It’s not safe being queer. I get looks, snide remarks, and was even assaulted. It brings on a different meaning when someone has violated your rights and injured you for being who you are. It’s a “F*ck you” to those people who have a problem with you being queer. It’s a “F*ck yeah” to those who are with you.

It’s distinguishing your queerness from socially acceptable gayness. It’s reclaiming the word “queer” from being an insult to being a badge of honor. It’s about being proud to be here, to be you, to be queer. It’s aggressive, in your face, and punk as f*ck.

With that being said, I have had some people express how they just don’t like the patches because it feels “nasty” however they have never been faced with the nastiness the world dishes forth; the hate, violence, lack of acceptance, and intolerance for merely being yourself for being queer. It’s a stand against injustice and inequality. It’s standing up for who you are in a world that oppresses you. It’s saying “I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m not going anywhere.”

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Jan 21

Designs and Punk Gear on Etsy

Posted on Thursday, January 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

So, I thought I finished my jewelry designs. I have four done so far. But inspiration struck and I am trying to figure out this design. It’s going to be something great and iconic. It’s a logo for something that has yet to be define and needs definition to represent itself to the world at large. I can do this. So, my brain is currently in logo land.

I’ll share my work once they are made/copyrighted and all that fun stuff. The pieces have anarchist/feminist/queer/vegan themes to them. The idea of the project is to donate some of the profits to charities to support the different causes. So, you get a cool piece of jewelry plus help fight the good fight.

So, I’m an artist or I pretend to be. I am still working on some awesome paintings that I’ll post pictures of them when they are done. I have very little of my current work online but you can see it on my etsy if you want.

I have a patch I made and a few vests I worked on for sell online. For stuff, here at The Riot Grrrl vest has about 2,000+ studs on it. They aren’t the cheap studs either, they are steel with bronze. Which means if you are daring like I was, you can wash it without it getting rusty. I hang dried it. It’s really clean though so I don’t think it needs to be washed again. It’s really awesome but it’s like 8 pounds of studding. The other vest is really cool and a lot lighter. It’s a classic punk vest. It’s a little ironic with the band Conflict being painted on leather. It has about 1,000 studs on it. It’s pretty easy to repaint over the bands if you don’t want those/want different ones. I used Tester Acrylic Paint Markers.