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May 29

You can’t be a “real” anarchist without being a pacifist.

Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Anarchy

To be a “real” or a “true” anarchist is to oppose all forms of oppression. Violence, by it’s very nature, creates an oppressor – person with the gun – and oppressed -person without a gun-. The only way anarchism can be achieved is through peaceful transitions – not force. Violence creates more violence. Any state with a foundation based on violence can not be an anarchist state. To be peaceful, unarmed, and harmonious to other human beings are characteristic of a “real” anarchist. Anarchy and peace is “true democracy” in which everyone is given an equal voice to one another with no one being oppressed. But for a state of true anarchism to exist, it needs to be based in a community whose foundation is peace not militarism.