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Punk Rock 101: Nick Blinko: Author and Musician

Posted on Saturday, April 24, 2010 in Punk Rock 101

I am a huge Nick Blinko fan. I feel a bond with him because he has schizoaffective disorder like me. I was browsing the internet today and found a copy of his book The Primal Screamer – which is a rare, out of print book, online. The link is: I also finally picked up a copy of his new book The Haunted Head from It’s limited to 350 copies for the hardback book that contains a note card with a written excerpt by Blinko. The micro edition which is limited to 60 copies (25 which have been reserved by collectors and museums) comes with a note card with an original pen and ink drawing by Blinko. I’ll write a review of the book once I read it without giving anything away. So far, from what little I have read about it since there is little written, I heard it’s hard to read. It’s only 200 pages long with 99 chapters. I’m pretty excited and looking forward to reading it.

Nick’s band is Rudimentary Peni, for those of you who don’t know. They are an anarcho-punk band. They stopped performing live gigs years ago due to health reasons but they still make music. I recommend checking out “Death Church” which is a work of punk art.

The lyrics to the first song on the cd is called “1/4 Dead” and goes like this:

Three quarters of the World are starving
Three quarters of the world are starving
The rest are Dead
The rest are Dead

Overdosed on Insensitivity,
All Varnished to Crosses

Three quarters of the world are starving
Three quarters of the world are starving
The rest are Dead
The rest are Dead.

The song was written 26 years ago and is still relevant today. Not much has change, has it?

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