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Studs, Lecture, and Oil.

Posted on Friday, July 16, 2010 in Current Events

I’ve been busy working on a handful of projects. One of which has been studding/patching a denim vest. Apparently, studs are now becoming fashionable as Burberry is releasing their own line of studded biker jackets for the Spring. No joke. They do have one sweet coat, that I like the design called Warrior Biker Jacket which looks super expensive and out of some science fiction movie. Plus, it’s leather which isn’t vegan. I tried to get into riveting before my own clothing – so I found a cheap rivet gun that came with “all sizes” of rivets. Sounded like a good deal. Turns out, there’s special rivets for clothing and I got a wood riveting gun. I thought I could use rivets of any sorts to rivet but these were so long. Now, I can rivet a boat but that’s not what I wanted to do. I haven’t looked back into it since. DIY mishaps, right?

I am almost done studding the vest – debating if I’ll post pictures of it. It looks pretty awesome. I also started working again on my crust pants. This isn’t an overnight project. I’ve spent 10 hours on them so far (started out of necessity because I wore a hole in my legs by my crotch) and no where near being close to done. Mine are going to be different then those pictured because I am sewing on every single patch – around the patch with white dental floss. Which means, they’ll be as tough as nails and not fall apart but the trade-off is that it’d take forever. But, I’ll also be able to wash them.

Apart from that, I am working on putting together a lecture so I need to read a couple of books for that about oppression. There’s more to it then that, but it’s a secret. I am planning on turning the lecture into a zine and have it available online so other people can make their own presentation. More on that later.

Oh, remember that big oil spill that I wrote about a couple of months ago? The oil leak has finally stopped. We’ll see if it holds. It’s the biggest oil spill in United States history.

As if to state the obvious, I’ll be posting less as I get my lecture together plus finish up these paintings I’m doing. I’ll have an epic post once the lecture is completed though. I am also halfway done reading “Watership Down” and I’ll be writing a book review soon. I also need to get my paintings done if I’ll have them together in time to make a calendar so I have a bit on my plate right now. I’ll write again sometime. Blog isn’t forgotten – just on hold right now. 🙂

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