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Jan 7

Queercore 101: Make Use of Your Ears

Posted on Thursday, January 7, 2010 in Queercore 101

My friend requested I write something like a Queercore 101. Queercore is queer punk music. It was a movement credited to being started by Bruce La Bruce and G.B. Jones with their zine called, “J.D’s.” They wrote about how they had an awesome queer punk scene in Toronto to amuse themselves because there really wasn’t any other queer punks except for them and a few friends. However, the movement took off and boom. In the 90’s there was queercore everywhere! Queercore is about being against assimilation and heteronormalitivity. It’s about being gay, I mean really gay. Some of the music is still in print while some of it is really hard to find.

I found a site last night where to download some out of print, hard to find queercore so it isn’t lost to time. Some queercore stuff has been lost to time like the animated Green Pubes by Anonymous Boy. The website for rare, out of print downloads is: It’s an amazing reference to get your feet wet with queercore. Such classics on the site are Youth of Togay, Gayrilla Biscuits, Mukilteo Faeries, and Fifth Column. As well as some riot grrrl; Bikini Kill and Huggy Bear. I also found a link where you can download the Go Team! here.