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Current Myths of World Culture

Posted on Thursday, December 17, 2009 in Theories

All forms of civilization has it own myths. The Greeks had their gods, prophets, and heroes. The Roman’s stole theirs. How are our gods, prophets, and heroes any different?

Currently, the world is living out a self-fulfilling prophecy with the end result being catastrophic destruction of our entire planet. Most of the human species seem to be living out the fantasy that Earth was intended for Man to conquer. That the Earth is Man’s property to do with as he wishes and what he wishes to all life on it. How ignorant and naive is Man to assume that creation ends with him. There are billions and billions of planets which might have life we can only dream to imagine. There might even be life in ways we can’t even conceive or perceive due to the limited wiring of our own human brain. It’s as fanciful as thinking that the universe revolves around the Earth.

However, this idea of Man verses Nature is so ingrained in our culture – most people never think to question it. We are all working together for the destruction of our planet by living life within the system we do. It’s how our society functions striving for the most modern and civilized technology at the expense of our Earth. Modern Man is not driven by the thoughts of peace, equality, and freedom but of the ideas of selfishness, money, and greed. It’s taken for granted that all men are inherently incomplete and imperfect for no one really knows how to be human and without this essential knowledge mankind is lost.

Man turns to modern Myths to help guide him – believing in the unbelievable and having imaginary friends. Myths so full of contradiction that the people can’t even agree on the ideas that are supposedly there to guide them. Breaking fundamental rules of their belief at will for personal gain. Others reject some of the myth – but maintain the belief that Man was destined to rule the Earth. Few people reject all our modern myths all together and know that manifest destiny is a dumb idea to begin with. However, for the few who see the world as it really is, there are thousands who see it as their possession. It seems like a losing battle to fight against the status quo of world destined to be a chain mall without any traces of nature while being a blazing inferno due to climate change.

I’d rather fight a losing battle than give up without a fight at all. I feel like I was never given a chance in the world to stop things from going in the direction they are going due to being born during borrowed time. People are taught to accept the world the way it is unquestionably and accept the destruction of our natural world as the cost of the modern lifestyle. The cost of indoor plumbing and heat/air does not need to be the end of life on this planet. We can make green choices to make a difference. We can choice to change the world. With each dollar we spend, we are voting for what type of world we want.

The problem is that most people don’t know that the power is in them. Another myth of our culture is that people are so caught up with media fictions that life becomes something that happens to them rather then something they make happen. People believe they are powerless with the corporate gods in control. The corporate gods are nothing without the belief of the people. How can we educate people to know that the power is with them and not with some unknown other? Things can change very fast if the people want it to change. What type of world do you want?

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