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Question: what do you think happens after we die?

Posted on Monday, November 15, 2010 in Theories

Someone asked this on a forum I am on – I answered and I thought I’d share my answer with my readers:

I’m an atheist but I have two ideas. One, what you think will happen is what you’ll get. The reason for this is that we create our own realities – and there’s infinite possibilities of where things can exist. If you exist in one place – you exist everywhere. Therefore, in someone’s belief that “you” are in “hell” there’s some version of “you” occupying that spot because that’s what someone else wishes for you. It might not be “you you” but it will be their manifestation of you, get it? Which is why I personally think it’s horrible that Christians believe people are going to hell because they themselves have judged you and condemned you to eternal suffering.

But, I don’t personally believe in the heaven/hell dynamic. Energy can’t be created or destroyed -only changed. With that idea – our mere mortal perception of space and time is an illusion. Very grid-like and linear. Basically, with the idea if something exists it will always exists in that point in time. Hence, we are immortal since we will forever exist in 2010. I think time travel is possible but not within your own universe – like you can go back in time and end up in a universe full of vegans or something as ever possibility is possible and played out in some alternate reality but not within your own space-time dynamic. But back on topic, what -you- do means another -you- in an alternative universe can’t be the same makeup. This universe would be incomplete without you and everything that happens is supposed to happen. I have a theory of the universe that there’s only two moments: 1 and 0. Basically, I think in the moment “nothing” existed that “Something” was created that caused the big bang. It’s like a flashing light the universe – nothing – something – nothing – something…. it repeats endlessly forever. That theory I came up with goes along with the idea that the universe eventually collapses onto itself and starts anew. So, basically, everyone is both alive and dead at the same time in actuality. You don’t need to fear death because you are already dead – counterwise, you are also alive and immortal. I call this occurrence the foundation of life – I coined the term “Dharma Paradox”. Basically, things exist in paradoxes. For example: without long there can not be short. Everything creates it opposition. It’s paradoxical but true. I believe that non-life created life just as life can create non-life. So, really, there’s some phantom of yourself watching physical you. Here’s the catch – to your physical being – you only live once but you actually have lived for infinite time. You live once but forever. When you die…your energy just changes. Death isn’t death but just another state of growth. We only -view- it as an end because we can’t see what’s beyond. Also, I must throw out that we are all “one.” Basically, everything is energy – we are energy beings. You are energy. You share electrons with things you are close to – everything in this fabric of reality is connected. What you do to others you are really doing to yourself too. Basically, you are everyone and everyone is you. Rock, tree, cow, chicken, oil spill, all good, all evil that has been and was and every will be – all me – and you are me and I am you. Get it? So, you live -once- but you also live countless times as everyone and everything – but your brain just makes you aware of the “physical you” experience. So, where does that leave us in death? “You’ve” been being born and dying for all of eternity – because you are also the universe and the universe is you. Even if your energy becomes something not recognizable as “you” it still is “you”. Get it? You die when the universe dies – only to be reborn to start again repeating the same thing over again! So, maybe when you die you are “Dead – gone, nothing” but that’s not forever because it cycles when the universe collapses onto itself. I mean there might be a “you” gone forever because that’s what that “you” is supposed to be. There is you everywhere and in everything. Death is only an illusion and perhaps a transformation from one state of being to another. For me, personally, I don’t know what will happen to this manifestation of “jess” and I don’t worry about it that much. I’d rather live my life as each day was my last – without regret. I feel as if I am destined for the unknown and I’m okay with it. I don’t fear death or dying – it’s just part of life. With that understanding, I have my peace and realize I am limited by my human brain so maybe if “I” – this bunch of energy, happens to take another form, maybe I’ll comprehend more about reality. Maybe.

I rambled, I hope I made sense. 🙂

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