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Metta Lyrics 6: Interpret the Voice

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 in Lyrics

Their voice is no longer my voice. They speak of wanting something real yet they intoxicate their body to numb their mind. How is that reality? Seeing half-truths while living a lie – the solution is not in the bottle. It is inside. You must be the revolution. The catalyst of your life. Realize that pain is information and is trying to tell you something. Interpret, learn, and grow.
Interpret it, learn, and grow.
As long as there is learning there is hope.

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  1. DUane Chaos says:

    Deep but true. Numbing the mind with chemicals and false actions based on perceptions of what others want is such an anti-pattern of Satsung (the search for truth). Truth = Pain.

    Keep these coming. It is inspiration.


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