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Mar 24

Metta Lyrics 13: Walking Through Walls

Posted on Thursday, March 24, 2011 in Lyrics

Walking Through Walls

Systems within systems. Where is the escape?
From the very beginning, you are taught
how they want you to be in their schools
with their agendas to make you subordinated and not think.
Question everything. Don’t buy into their programming.
Celebrity sex and anorexic models will not set you free.
Materialism leaves you empty and just wanting more things.
The secret is to live simply so others can simply live.
Society thrives on violence – don’t give in. Have peace be your highest value.
Don’t eat their lies. Don’t buy their shit. Learn to make your own.
We are all prisoners to the system but you needn’t be a slave.
You can change the rules and make your own game.
You needn’t play theirs. There are alternatives out there
you just need to find the one that works for you.

Mar 18

Metta Lyrics 12: Velocity Zero

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2011 in Lyrics

This is a darker piece.

Velocity Zero

I thought of calling as I lay dying to say my final farewell to a scepter of my past, a final hurrah to us: mere
ships passing in the night. I thought about it, I thought of you, in this moment of death of the one who gave me life. A twist of irony, perhaps, to think of life in death and death and life but I had a fleeting thought of you and saying good bye. This isn’t how I wanted to end: fading slowly as my insides turned out. I would have rather gone in a blaze of glory. But here, I find myself sitting in a wheelchair, vomiting. Trying to retain dignity as I convulse, my emotion gets the better of me and tears form in my eyes. I began to cry. Why? I do not really know. Maybe the idea of a life half lived or the thought of having to endure so much to only fall to mortal weakness. My hands and feet go numb, as my body tries to welcome the darkness, I fight mind against body to regain conscious. I succeed. No blackness for me. No farewell for you and I would have left without regret.

Mar 16

Metta Lyrics 11: The Journey

Posted on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 in Lyrics

The Journey

Have I gone too far?
Or not far enough?
I refuse to defer.
I refuse to give up.
It is said
There are only two mistakes
two mistakes a person can made
on the journey for the truth
not starting and not going all the way.
I started. I take a few steps forward.
I take a few steps back.
Sometimes I go forward while going backwards.
I have no map.
My compass is my heart
The path seems never ending.
I follow no path but my own.

Mar 15

Metta Lyrics 10: Kill Your Ideals

Posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2011 in Lyrics

Kill Your Ideals

I found my ideal
my ideal found me
it wasn’t what I
expected it to be

I searched for years and now this is what I see.
Sometimes what you want isn’t what you need.
Happiness comes when you learn to want what you get
and doesn’t come just because you got what you wanted.

Mar 7

Metta Lyric 9: your note left a bad taste in my mouth

Posted on Monday, March 7, 2011 in Lyrics

I used to be as angry as you.
Bad people don’t care.
It’s only the good people that hurt. That cry over things.
It makes us immobile and unable to function.
We can not change the world while drowning.
I came realized I can only control myself and my own reactions.
I can’t control anyone else – only influence them.
You must be stronger than what you fight. Don’t hate. Don’t ever hate. You become what you despise when you give in hate. You are a slave when you hate to that which binds you and are no where near liberation of the mind, body, and spirit.
If liberation is what you desire as you claim – start from within and work your way out.

Mar 4

Metta Lyric 8: Can you see a common theme?

Posted on Friday, March 4, 2011 in Lyrics

Title: Actions Speak in Volume

It has to be about action.
Not philosophy.
Philosophy has it’s place
but ideas are just ideas.
They don’t materialize.
Actions speak louder than words
and make real change.
You must be the change
you wish to see.
You must be the revolution.
It is in you and me.
Go volunteer or help the youth out
Go volunteer and get the word out.
Systems are made of people
to change the system
change the people.
Fight ignorance with knowledge
hate with love
teach tolerance and acceptence.
We are all one.

Mar 2

Metta Lyric 7: Grab Your Pen

Posted on Wednesday, March 2, 2011 in Lyrics

I am not going to lie – it feels like the world is ending. With species dying out and everything seems like it’s tumbling down but there is a but. That’s important. That there are those who are fighting the good fight even if things were set in motion before we were born and it feels like we were never given a chance. But there is always a choice. You can sing your songs of despair and be part of the problem or you can wield the banner of hope and be a guiding light in these dark times. Be a source of inspiration, a motivation, the secret is the future is unwritten. We can write it.

Mar 1

Metta Lyrics 6: Interpret the Voice

Posted on Tuesday, March 1, 2011 in Lyrics

Their voice is no longer my voice. They speak of wanting something real yet they intoxicate their body to numb their mind. How is that reality? Seeing half-truths while living a lie – the solution is not in the bottle. It is inside. You must be the revolution. The catalyst of your life. Realize that pain is information and is trying to tell you something. Interpret, learn, and grow.
Interpret it, learn, and grow.
As long as there is learning there is hope.

Feb 25

Metta Lyrics 5: World’s End

Posted on Friday, February 25, 2011 in Lyrics

World’s End

In the farthest corner of the Earth, I reside. Lost in ideology – tightly held – diy or die. Feeling alienated by my allies and so-called friends who are no more than wolf in sheep clothes – parroting rhetoric and getting tattooed while their minds remain unmarked. They dress like me, they go to shows, but the revolution in the soul is no go. Making the alternative a mirror of mainstream society and heteronormalitivity. Where is there a place for a queer like me in this patriarchal symphony? How homoerotric your moshing is, how hard you get in the pit, don’t think I don’t notice it. On the fringes I stay – just out of the scene domain – for mediocrity is lame and assimilating to the culture is not why I came. I came for me. I came for a chance of life. Music keeps me from being dead in this corporate world where everything can be bought and sold. I have taken a stance of resistance and I will not trade my freedom for gold. I came to see that if one of the parrots is more than what they seem – that maybe within them is a spark to move beyond the scene. Maybe together we could create something beyond this bridge to nowhere. I have traveled to the world’s end and have seen the living become the dead if only they could learn to breathe again, what then?

Feb 24

Metta Lyrics 4: Revolution is You

Posted on Thursday, February 24, 2011 in Lyrics

Revolution Is You

The revolution is in your spirit or it’s nowhere. The revolution is in your spirit or it’s nowhere. The revolution is in the spirit or it’s nowhere. How many ways can I say the same thing to make you see? These aren’t words to be recited – but a mantra to live by. You are it. This is it. There is only now. There is only this moment.