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Mar 18

Metta Lyrics 12: Velocity Zero

Posted on Friday, March 18, 2011 in Lyrics

This is a darker piece.

Velocity Zero

I thought of calling as I lay dying to say my final farewell to a scepter of my past, a final hurrah to us: mere
ships passing in the night. I thought about it, I thought of you, in this moment of death of the one who gave me life. A twist of irony, perhaps, to think of life in death and death and life but I had a fleeting thought of you and saying good bye. This isn’t how I wanted to end: fading slowly as my insides turned out. I would have rather gone in a blaze of glory. But here, I find myself sitting in a wheelchair, vomiting. Trying to retain dignity as I convulse, my emotion gets the better of me and tears form in my eyes. I began to cry. Why? I do not really know. Maybe the idea of a life half lived or the thought of having to endure so much to only fall to mortal weakness. My hands and feet go numb, as my body tries to welcome the darkness, I fight mind against body to regain conscious. I succeed. No blackness for me. No farewell for you and I would have left without regret.