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Aug 3

Quitting: I can’t get laid because of capitalism.

Posted on Tuesday, August 3, 2010 in Anarchy, Personal ads

Alright, I’ve been thinking about doing this for sometime. I usually don’t give up on things. However, it’s been almost three years and my attempt to find a suitable girl to date has been very unsuccessful. I’ve tried four major cities: San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I can’t find anyone who’s intelligent, kind, compassionate, creative, that intrigues me. I’ve tried every online dating service known to man and gone to all the events I could go to. I’ve volunteered and put on shows. I handed out hundreds of flyers and organized different groups. I’ve done everything I could to put myself out there to meet people. I even tried speed dating. Yes, I’ve done it all and I am pretty certain that there’s no one I am compatible with. So, I am giving up. I am fine and happy with myself. I don’t need anyone. I am beginning to think the idea of being with someone is probably better than the actual reality.

I have no idea what girls want. I refuse to stop being straightforward and honest. I refuse abuse, objectify, or disrespect another human. No one wants someone intelligent, kind, and loyal. I’m a catch but there’s no one suitable to be caught by so I’m done.

If someone wants to court me, they can try, but I am pretty jaded and over the whole idea of ever having a mate. I’ve been on this planet for over a quarter of a century and haven’t even found anyone worth sharing a first sober (I’ve been drunk once and kiss a friend but stopped because I was drunk and there wasn’t consent – end of story) kiss with so I don’t think more time is the answer. It’s just further proof that under the current capitalistic system that produces cogs instead of freethinkers – that caring, loving, good humans aren’t produced. If our system valued compassion over domination and greed maybe I could find a mate. I can’t get laid because of capitalism.

Jun 23

Those Who Can Protest An Injustice And Doesn’t Is an Accomplice: The Hypocrisy of the Vegan Straight Edge Scene

Posted on Wednesday, June 23, 2010 in Anarchy, straightedge, Vegan

Silence is violence. Violence in whatever form it takes must be stopped. I thought the vegan straight edge scene of California would understand this philosophy as part of being a vegan is the ideology to do no harm. This however is not the case. I put out a call to the people I know in the vegan straight edge scene to reprimand a prominent member in their community who wronged me, who was violent towards me with words. I asked him to hang out and he told me to go jump off a cliff. Liberty comes from community. I was trying to be part of the community and he is a part of it too. So, thus, it is a community matter so I took it forth to the others. They sing about peace, community, and unity but their response for my call to action to be given an apology for the injustice has fallen on deaf ears. Those who had an opportunity to respond to my request have answered me with silence. There is violence in their silence and their being an accomplice to the injustice rendered upon me.

Apparently, vegan straight edge scene is called a “scene” for a reason. Instead of accepting people with open arms and open hearts – they want people to prove themselves to become a member of their scene. They won’t give you a chance to be a friend or accept you for who you are even if you are one of their own. I thought that also being vegan and straight edge – I would finally have a place to call home. People who I share common interests and beliefs with. People who share my philosophy of peace, equality, and freedom from oppression for all beings. However, the people within the scene are too busy on oppressing each other to ever achieve anything.

They sing the songs, get the tattoos, but their minds remain unmarked. It’s easy to claim to have a philosophies but actions speak louder than words. It is easy to claim to be an anarchist but most people who claim the title fall short of practice – as the person who obviously didn’t have the correct response to my asking to hang out.

Part of my belief of being an anarchist is to be a fully conscious human being. It’s not needing the law because you would never break universal law to begin with. Part of that is valuing all beings equally and equal opportunity. If I have time to make a cutsey comment for a friend – I’ll also make time to reply to my acquaintance. They spent their valuable time to send me a message and it obviously meant something to them – I’d reply even if it’s a simple “No thanks.” Unless it’s a mass invite/spam thing, etc. I am an all or nothing type of gal, I don’t half ass anything and I believe in equality so I treat all people the same. I was kind of hoping others who claim to be anarchists would have a similar code with being a professed, “Anarchist” and being against all forms of oppression. Ignoring is a form of oppression by not validating another person’s existence/experience/time/effort/worth.

Friendship is a form of hierarchy – as a true anarchist we’re against all hierarchy. Everyone is given an equal chance because we all are equal. However, to not being given a chance, and being told to “jump off a cliff” is how you make enemies out of potential allies.

I am hoping the community responses to the community issue and I get my requested apology. That the vegan straight edge scene really stands for what they profess they stand for. But so far, they have proven themselves to be hypocrites. It is easy to say you are for things but talk is cheap. To allow people who are called “friends” to be disrespectful to another human who’s not of that label is to be hierarchical and to allow oppression of others. I have no need for “friends” like that who don’t have a backbone and who can’t stand up for what’s universal law but instead fall into line. So far, the vegan straightedge scene which I thought had so much potential has proven itself to as conforming to a status quo mirroring mainstream society which they profess to be different from.

I got news for you vegan straight edge kids: You are just the same. A different form of sheep needing a group to validate your existence. I, for one, am not a sheep. So for now, I shall say my good bye because we are nothing alike. Stop pretending to be like me when you can protest an injustice and don’t. When you silently accept cruelty from one of your own to another human being. You’re already dead.

I’m alive. I moved on. I don’t need poseurs like you.

Jun 18

Some days, The Most You Can Do Is Sew On Patches To Show Discontent.

Posted on Friday, June 18, 2010 in Anarchy, Current Events, Education, Theories

Breathe. Resist.

That’s the best you can do to stay alive and not become one of the living dead. Some days, the most you can do is sew patches to show discontent with society. Discontent is the catalyst for change in men and nations (so said a fortune cookie I got!). I get people who get upset at me sometimes. I mean really upset and confused. “How can you be the way you are? You can’t change the world!” I believe I can. I can change myself. I can change the world. Sometimes that change requires patches being sewn on a vest or a pair of pants.

“A change of perception turns emotion into action. The search for a solution will end in revolution.” sings Abandon XVX in their song “To Defy” and it’s true. Unlike how we’re conditioned to be in school to be passive observers of life with the fable of news being something bigger than yourself – the truth is the revolution lies within you. Unlike some Doomsday theorists, I don’t believe that a violent revolution will change anything. Without the proper education – even if the state was overthrown, people would just set up the same system all over again because it’s all they know. In Spain, when there were the anarchist nations during the civil war was a result of anarchist material being in circulation and widely available for 75 years running. “It doesn’t have an affect if you don’t recognize the cause,” says Crass in the song Big A, Little A – which is very true.

My goal is to make a media empire to rival that of Rupert Murdoch. Might as well aim for the stars, if you miss, you’ll hit the moon.

Seriously, I came up with two ideas how to see the change I want to occur and to achieve them realistically. The first one would be to become president and turn the military into the biggest humanitarian aid effort the world has ever seen. Use force against those who force needs to use force (fascist, violent people) and completely revolutionize how food distribution is handled to end world hunger. Put a focus on renewable energy and listen to the experts about the environment. I am not personally sure if global warming is being caused by humans but I do know a mass extinction of the planet is going on and it is being caused by humans. That needs to be stopped. Money needs to be put into education to produce the next thinkers of the world – not merely dumb down next generation of workers. Studies have shown money is more efficient being spent on preventing not the result. Like, I was reading in The Real Cost of Prisons – that in some areas in NYC there are blocks that a million a dollars a year are spent on keeping the citizens incarcerated. If that money was spent on making the neighborhoods safe, food programs, and after school events – it would keep the people out of prison to begin with. It’s a money making institution that needs to be reformed. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world. That is pretty ridiculous for a land marketed as, “the land of the free.” I would put more regulations on animal testing and find out truly how relevant it is to test things on another species. I would put an end to factory farming and antibiotic abuse. I would want to give the people the right to decide the president – not the electoral college. I want to get rid of ridiculous pork barreling. I want to change so many things. Yes, I am an anarchist but I can’t live in an anarchist bubble and pretend the state doesn’t exist. I need to work with what I got. An option of mine is to run for president.

The other option is to become a big media giant. “Don’t hate the media: become the media.” is a famous punk saying. Then I can keep people inform about what’s really going on. No more having to read a dozen different news stories to try to get an idea what’s going on. I’d have news relevant to the community so that people can take action. A pet peeve of mine is when people are like, “They control things.” “They make it happen.” The reality of the situation is that there is no mysterious “they” but only we. The thing is we’re conditioned to believe that there is some mysterious entity out there that controls us but really we control them. It’s time to take the power back to the people.

The rich are getting richer at the expense of the poor. People deserve their dues for their hard work but really, how many yachts does a person need? Things need to change. The entire institution needs reform. The only way to change the institution is to educate the people. Voting hasn’t really changed anything because the rich with their own agenda control the media and pay off whoever needs to pay off to keep themselves comfortable.

My agenda is for freedom. Not corporate enslavement. Capitalism needs to be abolished. So many people are fighting the branches but we need to get down to the root. We need a non-violent revolution from within the system – destroying the system to create the next evolution in the progress of mankind. If we keep walking the path we’re walking, by 2050, life as we know on this planet will be extinct.

As long as we have a system on have’s and have not’s there will always be the poor. Global wealth creates global poverty. I want everyone to have food to eat, a roof over their head, and clothes on their back. I want to put the power in the hands of the people were it belongs – not in the hands of the rich. The rich are shaking in their boots because people are starting to get the idea to revolt like in Greece. However, I don’t agree with Chris Hedge that the Greeks get it. They have the idea and are willing to fight because they don’t have food – but they don’t have the whole idea.

Instead of spontaneously revolution, what if we learned to put aside our differences for a half a second and address the fact we are all human and all have needs? What if we acknowledged that our current system is killing us and we need to stop. What if we just stopped and started building a world of friendship, community, and mutual respect? I don’t expect everyone to like each other – I don’t like everyone – but I respect everyone and our differences.

As Aus Rotten said, “What good is money when there’s nothing left to buy?” Under current regime, that is exactly what is going to happen. The only way to change things is to work together and build a better tomorrow. Who’s with me?

May 29

You can’t be a “real” anarchist without being a pacifist.

Posted on Saturday, May 29, 2010 in Anarchy

To be a “real” or a “true” anarchist is to oppose all forms of oppression. Violence, by it’s very nature, creates an oppressor – person with the gun – and oppressed -person without a gun-. The only way anarchism can be achieved is through peaceful transitions – not force. Violence creates more violence. Any state with a foundation based on violence can not be an anarchist state. To be peaceful, unarmed, and harmonious to other human beings are characteristic of a “real” anarchist. Anarchy and peace is “true democracy” in which everyone is given an equal voice to one another with no one being oppressed. But for a state of true anarchism to exist, it needs to be based in a community whose foundation is peace not militarism.

Apr 3

Anarchism and Game Theory

Posted on Saturday, April 3, 2010 in Anarchy

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I know it’s cool and everything that I’m an anarchist but people can’t see how it is practical in reality. I’ve been looking for proof that anarchism *is* practical and realistic as supposed to some Utopian dream. There’s a book written called Community, Anarchy, and Liberty
by Michael Taylor that I am hoping will address the practicality of anarchy. He uses game theory such as the prisoner’s dilemma to show that under real circumstances that anarchy can work. Sounds cool, huh?

Okay, so what is Game Theory? Game Theory is basically a math game where there are certain rules established to try to determine different outcomes. It can be applied to -everything- such as economics, marketing, and biology. It was developed in the 1940’s so it is a relatively new concept. The best example of Game Theory can be summed up in the prisoner’s dilemma.

The prisoner’s dilemma is when you have prisoner A and prisoner B. If both prisoners keep their mouth shut about the other, both of them get six months in prison. If prisoner A talks about prisoner B – prisoner A goes free and prisoner B gets 10 years. If prisoner B talks about prisoner A, prisoner B goes free and A gets 10 years. However, if both prisoner A and B talk – they both get five years. The idea is that both prisoners would talk in exchange for a shorter sentence.

Game Theory can be applied to marketing by whether someone will buy product a over product b. Or biology – will cat a mate with cat b? These are very simple examples of a much more complicated equation. But, it can be used to figure out how a group will act or behave in certain ways.

I know that anarchy has worked in the past in small communities. I don’t know exactly where to get the information about said communities but I know they exist. This book by Michael Taylor is supposed to cover that and explain how anarchy is not just a dream but a viable alternative.

I also been reading Anarchism and Its Aspirations by Cindy Milsten. I haven’t gotten very far into it but she brings up some good points right at the beginning. She mentions how the idea that people can think for themselves is a rather new idea. It used to be thought of that people needed god or a king to govern over them when the people can really govern themselves. With this realization, it completely change how people lived. Rather, now that we know we can think for ourselves and pass our own judgment about things so now what are we going to do with that power?

Feb 23

They Ignore Peaceful Protest: RALLY

Posted on Tuesday, February 23, 2010 in Anarchy

A short story by some of my buddies. Enjoy!

Feb 11

Vegan? Anarchist? Join Us!

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010 in Anarchy

I made a community for vegan anarchists also known as veganarchists to connect.

Pass this on to any vegan anarchists you might know.

Jan 29

Let's Talk Politics! Here's mine, what's yours?

Posted on Friday, January 29, 2010 in Anarchy

I am an anarcha-feminist. I believe in freedom from all forms of oppression and hierarchies. Peace, love, unity, solidarity, and punk rock. I don’t want to rule and I don’t want to be ruled. I don’t believe in any nasty isms – such as racism, sexism, ageism, ableism, classism, and specism. I am against homophobia, xenophobia, and transphobia. I detest violence. I am a pacifist. I am pretty extreme – I don’t watch violent movies or play violent games. I believe violence creates violence. That any peace held with violence – is a false peace. I believe that health care, food, water, and housing should be a right not a privileged. I don’t pledge allegiance to the flag – I want no nations, no borders. No human is illegal. I want community and people working to help humanity. I believe we have a responsibility to take care of our planet so all species can live in harmony. I believe thou shall not kill. Life is precious and should never be taken for any reason. I can see a world with no war – where people won’t ever want to leave their home because everything they ever need is right there in front of them. A world free of rape, starvation, slavery, and bombs. This world is possible – if you want it. The system is made up of people – with changing yourself, you being a person, you can change the entire world.

With that being said, I took a quiz which I took a couple of years back. When I took the quiz for the first time, my politics were aligned with Gandhi.

Now, Gandhi looks moderate compared to me. See my results here.

What’s your politics? Take the quiz here. Post a comment with your results! I am curious to see what other people are. 🙂

Dec 8

Anarchy and Anarcha-Feminism: What is it?

Posted on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 in Anarchy

What is Anarchy?

To put it simply, Anarchy means not be ruled by another and not rule anyone else.  This does not mean chaos and destruction, it simply means no one is in charge of you and you are not in charge of anyone else.  Anarchy means that each person is their own entity, free to do as they please, but without hurting anyone else.  This is where peace comes in, I want there to be anarchy and peace.  Alone, anarchy could seem as leading towards chaos, as each person would be doing as they pleased.  But the idea is that everyone would be responsible caring about other human beings and not wreck harm onto another, keeping in mind that one persons rights,  cannot impede of the rights of others.  This is why I say I want anarchy –and- peace, the two together are a match made in paradise.  Peace implies no violence, no wars, no destruction and anarchy ensures freedom of the people in society.  No person is free while someone holds control over them – and anarchy ideas are intended to provide that no one holds control over you.  Anarchy usually takes the form of having small groups of people, who are working together towards a common goal.  Just because no one is the leader, doesn’t mean that people cannot be assigned to different tasks and roles within the group, so long as everyone is okay with a specific person having the task.  I recently read the article “The Tyranny of Structureless” by Jo Freeman and I think she makes a good point, that being when that if no one is assigned a leadership position, there are people in power in concealment.  I am not saying someone should lead the group, as that would not be anarchy, but if the anarchical group doesn’t select their spokesperson, outside sources will select one for them.  So, it is best that the group decides who is to be the spokesperson, which must be done in advance or give such person statements on behalf of the group.  As well as making it clear to all as to who’s who and not hiding influence within the group.  Each person should count just as much as the next person and I think there should be a reminder to the group members as such.  Usually, from my experience, people are much happier following than leading.  The goal of anarchy is to try to remove the “follower” and “leader” hierarchical setup.  It is meant to provide that everyone is a leader.  First, there’s the need to teach people to act in a non-oppressive or hierarchical matter to then focus on having a collective.  Anarchy is the ideal organization.  It is people working together hearing each other needs and helping one another fill those needs.  From these small groups, it is hopped that a bigger group can be formed, which could build bigger groups and bigger groups.  Start small and work big.  As opposed to working with the big and going small.  It means putting power back into the hands of the people and taking it away from politicians and corporations.  It means working together in solidarity and building wonderful communities.

What is Anarcha-feminism?

Anarcha-feminism is the combination of feminism with anarchy principles.   Anarcha-feminism opposes all structures of power be it patriarchy, all leaderships, and all hierarchy.  Anarcha-feminism is against government, it does not mean female President – it means no president.  “Challenging sexism means challenging all hierarchy – economic, political, and personal.” (Peggy Kornegger, “Anarchism:  The Feminist Connection”)   Anarcha-feminists want change, a complete revolution.  Anarcha-feminism stands for peace and equality for all.  It’s to end all power, all structure, and all systems of control.    Anarcha-feminism is the struggle for complete human liberation.

For me, anarcha-feminism doesn’t stop at just human liberation but it is also about animal liberation too.  It is about all beings on this planet being treated with respect, love, and kindness and not having harm rendered upon them.  It is about being an anarchist – a responsible human being who takes responsibility for their actions; one who will practice loving kindness in the absence of authority because we are beyond that.  We do not need to be policed.  We are the ones who have the highest honor and morals without the need of a God to condemn us – we are good and righteous because that is a way a HUMAN is supposed to be.

People need to be educated to think for themselves.  The problem is that the school system is set up to condition people to do what they are told without questioning.  One of the most important lessons I learned in school was from my high school biology teacher and he said, “Question everything.”  I think if more people questioned things the world would be a better place since people would be thinking for themselves and not letting others rule their life for them.  As Wendy O. Williams puts it, “The brainwash don’t even know they are brainwashed.”